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Feb 23

Oscars Red Carpet Hair Predictions for 2016

The looks we predict for this seasons 88th Academy Awards

Red carpet award ceremonies often showcase gowns which reflect the trends of the season, but almost all of the hairstyles seen on the red carpet are time-honored classics. Whether it’s modern day celebrity rocking old Hollywood bombshell waves or popstars slicking back their tresses for a sleek look, hairstyles like these are an absolute red carpet staple. From braided updos and flowy waves, the Oscars inspire the most romantic hair looks for any glamorous evening you have planned. Here at Hessions, we predict the looks we will see on this seasons Oscars Red Carpet.

Retro Wavy Hair

Victory rolls, twenties marcel waves and classic set curls have been seen everywhere from the Gucci catwalk show to the Golden Globes – but nostalgic hair-dos never go out of style. Watch out for this on the Oscars Red Carpet 2016.

Braided Hair

Braided hair is definitely having a moment. Braiding made a comeback at the Celine 2016 catwalk in the form of a sleek ponytail. The look is quite tomboyish, but polished and modern. We think braids will be a prominent look on this year’s catwalk.

The Victoria’s Secret Wave


The unwritten formula for Victoria’s Secret hair is that it must be glossy, bouncy, full, soft, and long. The overall look is sexy yet not impossible to create. The hair at Victoria’s Secret looks real. This is set be a big look on this years Red Carpet catwalk.

Feb 04

Image Magazine Business of Beauty Awards – Vote for Paul Hession!

It’s that time of year again. The voting for the Image Magazine Business of Beauty Awards 2016 is officially open and we are delighted to announce our very own Creative Director Paul Hession is nominated for Best Hairdresser under the ‘Best Hairstylist’ category. We need all of your votes so click on the link to vote for Paul NOW! Get voting everyone!


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Jan 22

Press Coverage – Irish Daily Mail

We had the pleasure of having Lisa Brady of the Irish Daily Mail in for an Olaplex Treatment, the new salon treatment that ACTUALLY fixes damaged hair. See what Lisa had to say about this treatment available at Hession Hairdressing Drumcondra and Clontarf!

Jan 14

Three Looks to Try in 2016

3 Hair Trends to Try in 2016 from Hessions Hairdressing

2016 is finally here and it’s time for a fresh start! For man y people it means making healthy changes and better lifestyle choices or to some it can mean experimenting with their look so why not try some fun new looks with your hair? At Hession Hairdressing we love sharing our tips and tricks of the trade so here are our predictions for hair trends 2016 and the looks you have to try!

Our first must try of 2016 has to be braids. Braids and plaits are taking the fashion and beauty world by storm this year! Celebrities such as the Hadid’s and the Kardashian’s have been seen rocking all types of braids. Braids have also been spotted as a key trend on this year’s runway. Here at Hessions we have the low down on how to achieve the perfect braid!

Look 1. The braid we have to opt for is the Pigtail braid that all the IT girls have been rocking. This look combines two of our favourite trends of 2016: braids and pigtails. For the same graphic effect, make two Dutch, or inside-out, braids, meaning you weave the sections under one another rather than over. Continue braiding all theway to the nape of the neck, then tie it off with a tiny elastic, letting the rest of the hair hang loose.

Look 2. Another look we are loving is the half up top knot or bun. This look is effortless, easy to do, and gets your hair out of your eyes without sacrificing length. All you have to do is add some bend to your hair with a curling wand (although your natural texture works fine, too), then pull backthe top section of hair, using the arches of your eyebrows as a guide for the width. Twist that section into a tight, messy knot right at the very top of your head and add a pin or two for extra insurance. Look 3. A final hair trend we are completely lovingfor 2016 is a sexy sleek high pony tail as seen throughout the Balmain fashion shows. To get the sleek shine in front, load up on the mousse before slicking it back into a tight pony at the crown of your head. Take a half-inch piece of hair from the tail and wrap it around your hair tie, pinning it underneath. Three super easy looks to create but will help you add a bit of excitement to your everyday look and it won’t break the bank!
Best Shops 2015 - Nominate Our Shop

Jul 23

Irish Times Best Shops 2015

The Irish Times has officially opened its voting for the Best Shops in Ireland 2015 and we would LOVE your vote! We are here to tell you what makes our salon different.

With over 40 years in the hairdressing business, Hessions has earned its title as one of the leading hair salons Dublin has to offer. With a salon in Dundrum and Clontarf, our goals are to utilize our passion, creativity and experience in our salons to express Hessions individuality and identity.

At Hession Hairdressing we want to ensure that each client is treated with the best in customer service and that they receive picture perfect hair. With a highly trained, award winning team our priority is to deliver expert advice and service from initial consultation right through to appointment. The Hessions team consists of award winning stylists and colourists. From the very top, Creative Director Paul Hession’s creativity and skills shine throughout the salon. With over 20 years’ experience Paul has not only taken over but also expanded the family business. Not only by showing his talent for hair but also with the addition of BUFF Make Up to the business in 2012 bringing clients the very best in hair and makeup.

Here at Hessions we only want to offer the best of quality, be it in styling, innovation or products. That’s why we make sure we use the highest quality products such as Kevin Murphy, Shu Uemera and L’Oréal. We also provide exclusive high end ranges such as KM and Keraste. This is probably why Hessions caters to some of Irelands fabulous celebrities. Anna Daly, Katherine Thomas and Lisa Cannon are just some of the famous Irish faces who love Hessions. Models Georgia Salpa and Rosanna Davison are huge fans of Gold Fever Hair Extensions which are also available in our salon. But it’s not only famous faces who love Hessions, some of our top stylists have worked on the covers of Xpose Magazine, Social and Personal and Image Magazine.

Our goal at Hessions is to provide our clients with all around top quality service. Not only do we make sure our clients are receiving the best in customer service inside the salon, but we are also surrounded by top quality businesses so that all of our client’s needs are attended to. We have a number of amazing neighbours like Pigeon House Clontarf which is perfect for dinner, Honeysuckle for lunch and coffee’s and of course the all new Kennedys which has just opened in the area. These businesses are all there to make sure you are fed and catered to with top customer service while being pampered at Hessions.

At Hessions we are all too aware of how busy our customers can be and how hard trying to squeeze a few hours to get your hair done can be. As we are always trying to improve and grow we want to do the best we can for our customers and to cater to them in every way we can. At Hessions we have lunch menus available so you can work from the complimentary Wi-Fi, be pampered by our top styling team, read through our free copy of The Irish Times and have lunch served to you in the salon all at the same time. Oh and did we mention we also have the best coffee in town?!

Please find the link below to vote for us.


Model Shot - 2 Duo

Mar 10


Here at Hessions, we only offer the best, be it in styling, products or innovation. That’s why we are proud to announce that we offer Gold Fever Hair Extensions!

Lovely Irish models Georgia Salpa and Rosanna Davison are two of many people raving about this fantastic hair brand. “I love Gold Fever hair so much.” said Georgia Salpa. “They are so natural looking and no one thinks I’m wearing extensions. Every time I style my hair it looks amazing”. Widely acclaimed as the original creators of hair extensions 25 years ago, the Gold Family have supplied premium ethically sourced hair to celebrities and stars all over the world including Whitney Houston, Lisa Marie Presley and many more.


Models Georgia Salpa & Rosanna Davison

The reason for all the excitement amongst hair extension devotees is that Gold Fever is completely unique in the industry. It is the only company in the world that has full ownership of its own supply chain, from sourcing to processing and delivery of the final product. Gold Fever has personal oversight of every aspect of the products creation allowing them to guarantee that their hair is the best ethically sourced hair on the planet. The new Gold Fever Protein Tips ™ also bring hair extension technology to the next level so the quality is, without doubt, beyond comparison.

Irish fashionistas have been quick to join the Gold rush. Some clients include Roz Purcell, Holly Carpenter, Stephanie Roche, TV3’s Xpose presenter Lisa Cannon, Sinead Duffy, Emma O’Driscall, Nikki Hayes, Roz Lipset, Danielle Lloyd, Nicola Hughes, Suzanne Jackson, Rebecca Maguire, Tiffany Stanley, Nikki Kavanagh,  RTE’s Blathnaid Tracey, Bewitched Star Sinead O’Carroll, Sara Kavanagh, Celtic Women Star Chloe Agnew,  Celia Holman Lee, Rebecca Maguire, Leigh Arnold & Cristiona Aston  just to name but a few!

As one of the salons invited to stock Gold Fever, Hessions are proud to recommend such a well rounded and high quality hair product. So don’t hesitate, get gorgeous natural looking hair by booking your appointment today by calling  Drumcondra 01 837 6265 or Clontarf: 01 833 0110 or visiting our website at www.hessionhairdressing.com.

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Mar 04

Spring Hair Trends – The ‘Lob’ with Hessions

For what seems like forever, everyone was all about long, luscious and healthy locks, however since the New Year hit, everyone has been getting the chop. This 2015 trend has been given the clever name ‘The Lob’ and it is a ‘do’ that is slowly taking over the world!

The Lob is all over our social media accounts, with celebrities like Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and Cheryl Fernadez-Versini all going for the new hair trend.

Here at Hessions we’re going to answer your questions surrounding the growingly popular ‘Lob’.

What is’ The Lob’? The Lob is an abbreviation of ‘The Long Bob’, basically this style is longer than your typical bob haircut.

Do I need thick hair to wear a lob?

Almost anyone can wear a bob, but discuss it with your stylist and they’ll tell you if you shouldn’t. With thin hair cutting your hair to this length will create far more volume than you ever would have had with longer hair, and you can also use texturizing sprays for a voluminous look if that’s the style you’re trying to go for.

The only people who we would advise to avoid the lob are those with extremely thick hair. Cutting this into incredibly thick hair could take a lot of time as well as thinning out of your gorgeous locks. If you do fancy going for something different this year with your thick hair, try slightly longer than the lob, possibly just past the shoulder to keep your natural texture.

 What do I ask for in the hairdressers?

If you have seen a picture of the exact lob you want, be it Cheryl, Kim or anyone else, bring it with you and show it to your stylist. Don’t be afraid to discuss exactly what you want and listen to their advice, so you can get exactly the right lob for you!

How often will I have to get my hair cut?

A lob, being different from the original bob, if it gets any longer than the collar bone area, it can flip out at the bottom in an undesirable way, so with this particular haircut, you’re probably best getting a cut every 6 weeks or so.

We hope this helps answer any questions you might have before going for the chop and let 2015 be the year of the lob!


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bun with flowers

Aug 29


This year marks the eleventh year of Ireland’s biggest music festival- Electric Picnic, with many of you hitting Stradbally Estate for a weekend of fun we thought we would provide you lovely ladies with some hair tips so you will look picture perfect in your festival selfies!

At any festival having fun should always number one on your list, but you might as well look good while you are dancing to your favourite bands! Check out Hession’s Festival Hair guide below!


Day 1

On the day of arrival we suggest you make the most of your clean fresh hair and wear it down! Messy hair is always in style at festivals so there is no need to worry if you end up with a windswept look! Add some cute plaits throughout your hair for a fun festival look!

Day 2

Depending on the weather your hair might be starting to look abit crazy on day two, we suggest a simple plait you can’t go wrong with this look and there is no need to worry about touch ups during the day as the messier it is the better it looks!

Top Tip: Dry shampoo is your best friend at a festival to freshen up hair!


Day 3

A messy bun is the perfect way to disguise greasy locks so it is the perfect look for day 3, turn your head upside down, gather hair into a pony tail and twist into a bun- this look can be achieved in seconds. Adding a floral crown or head scarf creates a funky vibe to the look.  With a messy bun you and your hair will be able to stand the test of time at any festival!

Have a great weekend and be safe from all the team at Hessions


Aug 22


We spend so much time in summer making sure that our skin is protected it can be easy to forget how fragile our hair can be. Exposure to sun, sea and chlorine can take its toll, and that’s before we add heat from hair dryers and flat irons. If you find your hair is brittle and damaged follow the following tips to revitalise your hair right before we head in to a new season.

Before we start it is important to remember that repairing damaged hair won’t happen overnight, but over time developing these tips will aim you down the road to recovery!

Mask it!

A hair mask is something we can deem unnecessary but using a conditioning treatment once a week is a great way to boost the strength of your hair.  A great option for damaged hair is Kérastase Nutritive Masquintense an exceptionally concentrated nourishing treatment for dry and sensitised hair. It is important to remember that not all deep conditioners are the same and you should find a deep conditioner that works with your hair type, one that won’t weigh your hair down or cause your hair to feel greasy.  If you are not sure make sure to ask your stylist next time you are in the salon and they will point you in the right direction!

Chop Chop!

Not all of us have a happy relationship with scissors, but if your tresses are damaged, your ends are brittle and splitting you know it’s time for a haircut! The good news is you don’t have to get it all chopped off, a healthy trim can transform your hair and will remove some of the damage making the repair process a little easier. If you are feeling brave, check out some bob inspiration below!

Bring it back to Life!

After returning from a week long holiday in the sun or from prolonged sun damage (in between the showers!) at home in Ireland may have left you with a dull tone to your hair colour. In order to restore your hair colour to its former glory the team at Hessions advises you to use products that are designed to lock in and protect colour. Shu Uemura Illuminating Shampoo and Conditioner are great for achieving that long lost glow you had before your holidays!


Aug 13


Selena Gomez has won numerous ‘best hair’ awards and she’s only 22! We thought we could give you the low down on how to re-create her signature look of effortless ‘beachy waves’ at home!

Wash your hair using a volume enhancing shampoo such as Kevin Murphy Plumping Wash-a thickening shampoo that leaves hair and scalp revitalised and refreshed. Let your hair air dry to enhance its natural texture. If you don’t have curly hair like Selena we advise using a Sea Salt Spray all over and blow drying to build some volume and waves to the hair.  Top Tip: Make sure to aim the hairdryer down to avoid frizz! Once the hair is dry, divide into sections and wrap around a curling wand. You can create loose waves by curling larger sections of the hair or you can opt for more defined curling the hair in smaller sections. When you have finished, run your fingers through the curls to create the look natural waves feel free to mess around with your hair as the more textured, the better!


When you have achieved the desired look, flip your head upside down and spray with Elnett Extra Strength Hair Spray to hold the look in place.Top tip: to add something extra to the look add a cute hair band of clip back sections using bobby pins!



Will you follow Selena’s lead and channel a little bit of summer right now? This look is perfect for Saturday shopping, Cinema dates or a chilled out day in the park! To get the low down on Selena’s make up look head over to buffmakeup.com!