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Jun 29

5 Easy Summer Braids

Summer is in full swing with this fabulous weather and we all strive to be stylish with as little effort as possible. Braids are a style that come back every year with hundreds of variations to delve in and out of. Messy or tidy, they can make any girl look put together in no time. Any hair type or colour works with braids. Styled the right way, braids also work for all ages from kids to working women so don’t be afraid to let your wild side free.

1. Half up beach braid

Half UpWe love this idea of a messy look for everyday wear. It’s really wearable to the shops or the beach. You can get so creative with this type of braid. There’s just no wrong way to go about it, the messier the better. Perfect if you have naturally wavy hair otherwise curl loosely with a curling wand and you’re good to go.


2. Curly Halo half up braid

Curly Halo

This is a really cute look for summer office vibes. The halo braid takes the hair away from your face while the curls give a messy, undone look. Always work neat and tidy until you’re finished then don’t hold back at the end to give it some volume. This could work on short or long hair.


3. Side messy fish tail braid

Side Fish TailWork, chilling with friends, shopping trips. This look is so easy to pull off. It can work as a regular braid or a fish tail. Again, the looser the better to give this look the edge over a tight braid. Wind swept is the way to go this summer to make us believe that we’re all beach babes without necessarily being at the beach.


4. Side braid with messy bun

Side Messy Bun Braid

Wedding season is here and this is a great variation of a braid for a wedding guest. It’s relatively easy to pull off yourself so why not give it a go. Hair that is not so fresh is a lot easier to work with as there’s some grip and texture. Teamed with a few head flowers and an elegant jumpsuit, this could be the perfect look for a romantic ceremony.

5. Double pony braids

Double Pony BraidsThe perfect summer going out look. Experimenting is the aim of the game when it comes to braids and summer is the time to try out every style. This could also work as a festival look with glitter down the centre and the braids pulled out. There’s no right or wrong. Get an extra pair of hands to help make it as fun as possible. You have the best of both worlds with the ponytails along with the braids on top.